Welcome to the Abstract Algebra portal. This is one of the many portals in my mathematics section of the wiki. Here you will find information in 2 broad categories. The first category is a description of topics and concepts in abstract algebra. This section is original work only in so far as it is me putting other peoples work into my own words. The second category is precisely my original contributions to the subject. It includes new techniques I develop, my personal remarks on theorems and lemmas, as well as new solutions to problems that I devise.

I became interested in abstract algebra as an undergraduate. I had my first tastes of it and was fascinated and confused. I could immediately see however, that the subject was immensely useful. When I got to graduate school and began working on a masters I decided to specialize in algebra and that became my focus through most of my masters degree. I had the chance to study under a number of excellent algebraists and have taken some 5 or 6 courses directly related to the subject. While I am perhaps not a very great algebraist I am competent in the field at the masters level and find myself knowledgeable about projective modules in particular. Even though my interests are taking me elsewhere in mathematics I still have a fondness for abstract algebra and study it pretty regularly to learn more about the field.

Topics in Abstract Algebra

My contributions to Abstract Algebra

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