Welcome to the Combinatorics portal. Combinatorics has quickly become my favorite area of mathematics. I took my first course in combinatorics in graduate school and found myself both unusually good at it, and infinitely entertained by the subject. Combinatorics is a broad subject in mathematics, it's fingers are in all the pies in the field. However combinatorics often lacks depth that other fields, such as Abstract Algebra, have.

A short idea of what combinatorics is begins with the notion that it is about counting things. The things it counts are discrete structure. In the early days, combinatorics was not a separate branch of mathematics but would instead pop up in the various other branches. however as the 20th century wore on, powerful theorems in combinatorial research began to unify parts of the discipline and turn it into a branch of mathematics in its own right.

Like the other mathematics portals this portal contains 2 sections. The first section is filled with me discussing and explaining existing combinatorial concepts and techniques. As I go along working on this page and studying combinatorics I will add new information to it. THe second section is filled with my personal research and commentary into combinatorics as well as new solutions I have come up with for problems. Expect updates in the first category to be steady at first and then taper off, and expect updates to the second category to be almost nonexistent at first and slowly to pick up steam.

Topics in Combinatorics

My contributions to Combinatorics

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