Welcome to the GURPS portal. GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) is one of the systems I am newest at. Despite this, it has rapidly become my favorite RPG system. It is produced by Steve Jackson Games and has a rich history. The system is easy to use and lots of optional supplements with terrific material abound. There is also a monthly magazine published in PDF format called Pyramid that provides information each month to topics inside GURPS. I recommend anyone interested in GURPS check out both Pyramid and the Steve Jackson website. There should be available a free to use smaller version of the GURPS rules called GURPS lite of GURPS basic, I forget which one. Anyway, I have organized this portal into 2 main areas. The first area is that of my campaigns and campaign worlds. Some of the campaigns take place in my own worlds, others in published modules, but all of them will be at least detailing how I ran a particular adventure rather than providing the content of published works by other authors. The second area is explanation of game mechanics or theory to campaign and game design in GURPS. The second section will be pretty small as I feel GURPS and Steve Jackson games already do a great job of helping players with such questions. Enjoy!


Game Mechanics

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