Music Thru the Night a review by Jack Byers

I used to listen to Music Thru the Night when I was a kid living in Alaska. Basically from the age 5 to the age 15 I would have this on in my room to listen to while I fell asleep. It was a radio program that was hosted by Mike Kellogg, a man with a really soothing and deep voice. The program format was basically the same the entire time I listened to it. At the top of the hour or so the intro music would pop on, back in the days I listened to it it was Jean Sibelius' Berceuse from 'The tempest' though I am not sure if that was the case after I stopped listening. Kellogg would then give a nice little inspirational and religious anecdote or discussion for a few minutes and then talk about the music that was coming up. The station would then get into the music and basically just played really soft and gentle classical music all night long. Sometime in the morning, I think around 5 am or so, it would turn into a different station. Usually this would wake me up and I would then either be up for the day or turn the radio off and roll back over.

Despite the religious nature of the program it was still a very lovely program. Kellogg wasn't really very preachy ever and was mostly just very nice and soothing. The music selected was really lovely as well. Eventually, as I recall, more poppy christian rock styled stuff started seeping into the channel. When I started to notice this I stopped listening. My interest was in a soothing program to lull me into sleep, and the more poppy stuff is jarring, though nice in it's own time and place. Recently, in may of 2014 Mike Kellogg retired from radio and his program apparently retired with him. It is a shame because it was such a lovely little program but all things end. I haven't listened to the replacement program but hopefully it is in the same soothing and comforting vein as Kellogg's Music Thru the Night.

Overall the show was very mellow and lovely. From the opening music from Sibelius to Kellogg's soothing and rich voice, the station set a really relaxing atmosphere with this program. I know it changed music content slightly, but when i would occasionally listen to it in my 20's it was still very soothing of a program. The whole production was done quite well, and the station was always very reliable and knowledgeable.

Rating: 9/10


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