Here are the important characters in Shadowvale campaigns


Saima (deceased, 1386) Cleric to the god Tymora, the god of adventuring. Hailed from Ketchum's Pass, and was part of the original group fighting for Shadowvale's freedom. She believed that the group needed a steady hand in combat and set out, following her god's wishes.

She died fighting in a temple in the Old Kingdom. The group was attempting to bring home the remains of an old king who had fought for freedom in his own state, in order to make the Old Kingdom a new symbol of Shadowvale.

Mickey O'Connor Halfling military officer hailing from Hazelshire. His specialty is Calvary. An old friend of Mershar's, he came to assist the Shadowvale Freedom Movement after having been sent north to fight for Innerlith. After having been recalled by the halfling shires a number of times, he grew to dislike Dirk's administrative style. He knew that it would only bring trouble to the nort. Teaming up with August, he worked to form the region of South Shadowvale into an independent entity from the north.

Dirk Benedict A bard with political leanings from Covestead, and husband to Grettle Benedict. He was left to lead the group after Saima's death. Somewhat hotheaded and unsuited for political dealings, he took the north in an extreme direction of rebellion after the fight to win the Old Kingdom. After the tariffs were imposed, he insisted that no city send them. He joined the council and ran/appointed himself the Minister of Internal Affairs. He lead the council using his charm spell, and refused to join with the south.

Mershar of the Catfolk An old friend of Mickey's, he joined the movement as a way to explore the world, and later as a representative of the cat folk.

Augustine Calvin Reynolds A member of a noble family from Innerlith, who followed in the family tradition of Dueling. He is also a spy and currently the elected Ambassador of South Shadowvale to the city of Innerlith. He was initially sent as the council representative from the village of Cedar Point, but was captured by a group of bandits running a mining operation. They didn't want August to draw attention to the area. After having been rescued, he joined up with the group and worked in the background for Shadowvale's freedom. Eventually, after Dirk's extreme actions, August moved to the south and began his work there.


Grettle Benedict - wife of Dirk Benedict, originally from Ville's Pass. She became pregnant and her father insisted that she and Dirk marry. She has now been relocated to Cedar Point.

Sherrif Ferguson of Ketchum's Pass

Mayor Gabe Parker of Ketchum's Pass

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