Basic: Shadowvale is a small region located in the southeast of the Lake of Steam. It is nestled into the mountains and pressed up against the coast, with only 3 reliable passes into and out of the region by land. The region, while fertile, and good for farming, is relatively small in size and maintained a small, quiet existence up until the year 1386.

Geography and Climate: Shadowvale is a small region in the southeast of the Lake of Steam encompassing approximately 90,000 square miles. Though the region is surrounded on three sides by mountains, most of the interior is near sea level, and it maintains a sizable west coast. Nestled in the Firesteap mountains, high, jagged peaks plummet suddenly to reveal a fertile vale, teaming with grasslands and fields. The region is believed to have formed when prolonged drought in the region caused the Lake of Steam to recede, followed with massive mudslides, which formed the present region. Despite the mountains and the nearby Lake of Steam, Shadowvale is devoid of a river system, having only one river to note, the 'Gleebend' river which separates the halfling hill country from the rest of the region. The vale lacks considerable amounts of forests, with only infrequent, but dense forests spotted throughout. The most dominant feature of the region is the vast expanse of rolling hills and grasslands which stretch through the center, giving ample room for farming, and livestock grazing. This beautiful region is very fertile and can sustain a much larger population than presently lives in the area. The region has a nice warm climate, with regular, but not too frequent rain. It lacks some of the natural disasters that plague nearby areas, being neither prone to flooding, avalanches, or fires. The area is quiet, and pleasant, though small earthquakes are not uncommon. It maintains its climate nearly year round, with only a few weeks of snow, and a month or two of winter. Temperatures can vary dramatically however as you reach the borders, with some towns being located high enough in the peaks to receive freezes and good amounts of snow.


Population: By 1386 Shadowvale had a population of about 30,000 people, mixed between 15,000 civilized humans, 5,000 nomadic humans, 8,000 halflings, and 2,000 catfolk. Within a year, the population would see a massive boom with almost 5,000 new civilized humans arriving in the area, and tens of thousands rumored to be settling near the eastern border. As projects to build a highway east out of Ville's Pass began to get underway, many in the bordering region to the east have begun to wonder about a possible annexation from Shadowvale.


Forgotten Realms


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